50 Ways to Memorize The Living Christ

1. Make a firm personal commitment to memorize it by March 8th, tell someone who is important to you that you are doing it, and write it down.
2. Recite it every night before you go to bed.
3. Break it up and memorize it in small sections….hey, we’ve got flip cards for that.
4. Put the words to music.
5. Challenge your family to memorize it with you.
6. Keep a written copy where you can slowly block out words you’ve memorized.
7. Review your flip cards during sacrament meeting.
8. Make a pledge with a friend that you’ll learn it together and then honor that pledge with each other.
9. Recite the Living Christ each week during YW/YM Sunday or weekday opening exercises.
10. Place a copy on your bathroom mirror.
11. Text your friends a line and see who is the first to respond with the next sentence.
12. Take 5 minutes to ponder the meaning of the lines you are memorizing each week, consider what they mean to you--if you are inspired, write it down in your journal.
13. Pray and fast for the ability to memorize!
14. Recite the Living Christ each week during YW/YM Sunday lesson and weekday opening exercises.
15. Keep a countdown calendar to March 8th.
16. Write it out once a week.
17. Write it out with your other hand. Really! By using your less familiar hand, your brain has to think 3 times as hard about what you are writing.
18. Remember you’re memorizing this with all the youth. Turn to your Savior and friends for help and motivation.
19. Recite it out load in front of a mirror.
20. Find opportunities to recite the Living Christ (or portions of it) by yourself or with others.
21. Keep the check off sheet on your fridge.
22. Think positive and don’t panic – you can do it one bite at a time!
23. Practice with a study buddy.
24. Recite it out load all the way through once a day using projection (volume) and inflection (speaking with expression) to make it real.
25. Take your flip cards on a walk or run.
26. Remember to breath. Sounds simple, but people tend to hold their breath subconsciously. If you breathe, it will help you remember the words better.
27. Study out each phrase with your family during Family Home Evening.
28. Make a mental note how often testimonies focus on the Savior and those that don’t.
29. Report your progress to family, leaders, friends – everyone. Be Proud!
30. Test yourself by randomly picking a paragraph to recite.
31. Without looking at your cards, text a line to your friend and have them text back the next line. Build on those lines until you can’t go any further.
32. Make a puzzle with each sentence from the Living Christ and then put it together.
33. Place a copy on your shower door.
34. Record yourself reciting the Living Christ. Then turn your chores, workouts, and recreational activities into a “read through” by listening to the playback and reciting along.
35. Test yourself by writing out the paragraph you most recently memorized.
36. Keep your flip cards with you at all times and pull them out whenever you’re standing in line or not engaged in something.
37. Ignore punctuation – recite it in whatever way feels most natural to you.
38. Challenge yourself and your friends to make a mental note each time doctrine related to the Living Christ from your Sunday School, Priesthood, or YW classes.
39. Set small rewards for your progress along the way.
40. Dedicate at least 5 minutes per day to studying your flip cards.
41. Listen to others reciting the words all the way through. Say the words to yourself while they recite them out load.
42. Write down every time you have a special moment, feeling or experience as you’re memorizing the Living Christ.
43. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.
44. Pace yourself and limit your memorization time to no more than 30 min at a time.
45. Keep a mental note of how many sermons in Sacrament relate to the Living Christ.
46. Don’t just say the words – think about what you are saying and follow the testimony through the Savior’s life and His ministry.
47. Review your flip cards anytime you are a passenger in the car.
48. Capture the experience of this challenge in an imaginative way – draw, paint, sketch a picture, compose a song, make a sculpture, or write a story – anything that shows what this challenge means to you.
49. While repeating the words out load, do something with your hands and feet.
50. Try memorizing the paragraphs backwards, from end to start.

You can download this list at: 50 Ways to Memorize the Living Christ Document


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  2. I love this post! As a stake Relief Society Presidency, we are challenging the women to memorize The Living Christ. May I use this post on our stake blog? You can contact me at lshansen2955@gmail.com Our blog is: plainandsimplesolutions@blogspot.com